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Justin Finch-Fletchley's Journal
badger badger badger badger huff-le puh-uff
I received an urgent message from my parents this morning...my grandmother is not doing well. I'm to leave tomorrow to go spend several days with my family.

This means I'll be a bit late settling in after the house-switching, and I apologise in advance for any inconvience to my new housemates, whoever they turn out to be.

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So, it seems we're switching houses.

I'm rather nervous about the whole thing, but it could be interesting, I suppose. I feel a bit better about it happening now, though, since I feel like I know a little more about everyone than I did before this journal project.

Also, I received an anonymous gift today. I suppose there isn't any hope of getting the giver to confess?

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Oh dear...the black liquorice is being trounced quite strongly in the poll, isn't it? Ah, well--nothing unexpected.

I've been listening to more Muggle music, and anyone wanting some quite silly tunes should listen to PDQ Bach. I suspect I'd find them even more amusing if I were more familiar with classical music. I'm rather fond of the "ground rounds," though.

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I suppose everyone's sick of hearing about black liquorice, but I'm really curious if I'm truly the only one here who really likes it. Since I escaped having to rhyme the other day, I'll follow in Professor Sinistra's footsteps and make up for it now.

A liquorice choice I shall pose:
Which flavour is best, you suppose?
Is it red, black, or none?
Is it both or just one?
The winner annouced at poll's close.

Which liquorice?


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OOC: A "private" journal entry, which none of your characters can see, presented for your OOC reading.

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This morning I decided I needed some time to myself. Since I wasn't going to find that by staying in the dormitory, I found a quiet corner of the castle and spent several hours listening to music and drawing. Sometimes it just helps to be away from everyone for a little while and clear your head.

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At breakfast today I saw why it was suggested that I stay away from certain beverages. Interesting.


The two things I hate most in the world are:

1. The feeling I'm being manipulated, even if I don't know exactly how.
2. Friends of mine being hurt.

You dug your own grave, now go fucking lie in it.

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Last night I really didn't feel like doing any work, so I looked around for some Muggle games to play on this computer. I found these two, but I don't really like them very much as I wasn't doing well at either of them. Maybe everyone else will have better luck.

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Terry, here's the others: 1 2 3

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Though far too sleepy for my own good, I managed to drag myself out of bed this morning and go to my classes. Nonetheless, I have--for the most part--survived my battle with my least favourite day of the week. I think I can handle the rest of it!

Until next Monday, anyway.

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Out of curiosity...anyone here going to be at Yaoi-Con?

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Joining in on the soul pricing thingie Luna posted: Your soul is worth £14488. For your peace of mind, 62% of people have a purer soul than you.

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Terry--here are those songs I promised you. 1 2 3 4

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I hope everyone is having as fantastic a weekend as I've been having. (Well, Harry seems to be having a rough time of it, but I hope he's well soon and can put this adventure behind him!)

Hmm. I think I can toss out one or two more of my older icons and replace them with something new. Haven't decided what they'll be yet, though.

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Here is something silly, but hopefully not too disturbing to anyone: Jello Dance.
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Everyone's icons are a lot more fun now that we've been revealed.

I need to make myself some new ones.

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*sputters* WHAT?!

I see we've been revealed.

I was just coming back to check my journal and respond to the question about everyone's favorite indulgences, but I'm not going to answer that now!


There are definitely some questions swiriling around in my head that I want to ask certain people.


At least I didn't do too terribly on my essay grade. Seeing who my partner really is, though, I don't think I did a very good job on it at all.

*bangs head into desk*

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Everyone seems to be posting their essays early... *worries* Since mine isn't even close to done yet (who am I kidding, it's not started yet...), I'll comment on today's Quibbler:

Lovegood - Hauled out of her dorm? Oh dear. I'm glad she's staying at Hogwarts and I hope everything's ok with her now.

Snape - I sincerely hope he's not too distraught, because he'll probably give us a test or something to make himself feel better.

Smith and Finch-Fletchley - Finch-Fletchley's extinguishing spells are getting old fast, but I can't say I'm too sad that Smith was on the receiving end of one.

Bulstrode - Is everyone going out to have chats with the squid? No doubt it's far more fascinating than sitting in Binns' class.

Granger - I don't understand why she keeps trying to force clothes on the house elves. Offering clothes freely to elves who desire them is one thing. Trying to force clothes on them is only going to annoy them.

Thomas and Finnegan - Heh, knowing Finnegan, I bet there are some sparks between them... Thomas had better watch out.

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Hmm. My elvish name is Findecáno Vanimedlë. It's nice, but seems rather a mouthful. There was a link from that page to find out your 'hobbit name' as well, so I did that one, too: Olo Millstone of Bywater. Eh, I think I prefer the elvish name.
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I'm feeling a better than I was earlier today. Sent an email off to hogwarts22, so I feel like things are getting rolling for the essay project. And I had a lovely conversation with hogwarts11 this evening. While I might question some of his culinary choices, he's quite amusing.

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Eeep. I was taking a break from studying and went outside to get some fresh air, and came back to find that my partner messaged me while I was gone. I messaged back, but I think she'd left her computer by then. Drat. My timing is utterly horrible lately.

I wish I knew what was going on with Lovegood. I wouldn't mind having that reward money.

If there's anyone who's interested in the interhouse Quidditch team who hasn't signed up yet, I tacked up some additional sheets of parchment today.

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What have you actually gotten out of this project, if anything at all?

Materially? A very nice tropical quill. I don't think that's what you were referring to, though. Hmm. I feel like I'm getting to know some people (whoever they are) better, but I wouldn't say I have any new best friends. At least not yet.

I haven't managed to catch hogwarts22 online to chat with her yet. I hope she's not too mad at me. *is worried* Maybe chatting by email would work better for us...it sounds like that's the route that hogwarts01 and hogwarts07 are taking.

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What are some of your pet peeves? Any idea why they are your pet peeves?

Here's a few:

When my housemates leave dirty clothes lying about. When you wake up in the middle of night and need to make a trip to the loo, the last thing you want to do is stumble over a pile of dirty pants and Quidditch robes, falling onto your arse. It hurts. Trust me.

When dining, food items on the plate should NOT touch one another. They are to remain separate unless deliberately mixed. Gravy oozing over the potatoes to mingle haphazardly with the rest of meal is just not right.

And, most importantly, when LJ takes so long to load! Grrrrr.

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